Q: How long does it take for the cocktail machine to freeze?

A: In most cases a twin bowl cocktail machine will take between 2 hours, however the time varies depending on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the longer it will take to freeze. On a very hot day the cocktail machine may take up to 3 hours to freeze. Refrigerating mixture will speed up process for refills.

Q: How many drinks will i get out of the cocktail machine?

A: You will get approximately 60 drinks per 12L Bowl, so 60 drinks for a single bowl, 120 drinks for a twin bowl cocktail machine and 180 drinks per triple bowl cocktail machine. You will also get 60 drinks out of any refill bottles.

Q: When is the cocktail machine delivered and picked up?

A: We deliver the cocktail machines on the day of the function and pick up the following day. Deliveries and pick ups are usually done between 9am-4pm. If you require delivery outside of these times please let us know and we will try and organise it for you.

Q: Do we offer pick up on the night of the party?

A: Yes, we can pick up anytime from 9pm-2am on the night of your party. An additional fee of $70 applies to a night pick up and must be pre arranged.

Q: Who sets up the cocktail machine?

A: Our delivery drivers will set the cocktail machine up and adjust the settings to ensure the cocktail machine operates effectively.

Q: Who adds the cocktail mix to the cocktail machine?

A: Upon delivery we will add your chosen cocktail mix flavours to your cocktail machine and show you how it is done if you require to refill during your event.

Q: Do we need to add ice to the cocktail machine?

A: No, the cocktail machine churns the cocktail mix into slush on its own.