T’s & C’s

General Terms & Conditions
The client agrees to be responsible for all hire equipment once delivered.
Correct Delivery Charges may not be reflected in your online order, these will be confirmed via telephone, SMS or email before your order is processed.
Your order is not confirmed until you have received a booking confirmation via email, sms or phone call & the order must have been made through our Booking App book.slushyking.com.au

All Sunday and Public Holiday Hires including Christmas Eve and New Years Eve hires and/or deliveries will attract a 20% Surcharge, this will not be calculated in your online order, but will be confirmed via telephone before your order is processed.

Please Note we do not deliver to Hotel Rooms.

Slush Machines
For the purposes of this document the period referred to by “the clients care” includes the time from when the machine(s) arrive at the function address indicated above, to the time the machines are collected and removed from the function location by the supplier.            

    The client acknowledges that the machine(s) are costly to repair or replace and is expected to treat it / them with care. Any damage to the machine(s) while in the client’s care (including theft) will be paid for in full by the client, unless the damage was by fault of the supplier. Handles $20, Trays $15, Bowl $200, Panel $180, Lids –  Large White $150, Blue $70, Machines up to $5500. 

Any extra cocktail mix supplied and used must be paid for in full ($25 per mix) by the client

While the supplier will endeavor to ensure that there is enough stock on hand, they cannot be held responsible for any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages running out during the course of the function.

The client agrees to ensure that no people under eighteen (18) years of age will receive alcoholic beverages from the machine(s) while in the clients care.

The client fully understands the standard operating and safety procedures of the machine(s) and agrees to operate it / them accordingly.

 The machine(s) are not to be moved from the position the are setup in.The supplier will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the machine(s) are in good working order, however they cannot be held responsible for any malfunction.

The machine(s) may experience difficulty in freezing the cocktails when operating in hot weather. This is out of the supplier’s control and it is the responsibility of the client to choose an appropriate area to set up the machine where it has maximum freezing potential. we recommend putting the machines inside when the temperature is over 32 degrees Celsius.

If the machine(s) are unavailable for collection by the supplier or his/her associates at the date and time specified, then the client will be charged the standard hiring charge for the machine(s) for each day that passes until the machine(s) are collected by the supplier or his/her associates.

Any costs arising from accidental damage, fire, theft, vandalism or damage caused due to incorrect handling are to be borne by the hiree.

The machine is to remain at the address to which it was delivered and not moved from the position it is set up in until picked up by the Perth Slushy King installer.Perth Slushy King operates under strict occupational health & safety regulations.

Under no circumstances is the hiree and/or their guests permitted to move or lift the machine from its location.

Perth Slushy King and its representatives are not in any way liable for any accidental or consequential damage arising from misuse or neglect on the part of the hiree or their guests.

Addition of alcohol to any of the suggested recipes is at the sole discretion of the hiree.The responsible service of alcohol is the hirees sole responsibility.

Should serious damage to the hire of any equipment occur, Perth Slushy King reserve’s the right to take action necessary to recover costs incurred to fix or replace the equipment,which can exceed the deposit taken.

Thank you for ordering with Perth Slushy King